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Pet Portraits for the Distinguished Nerd

I admit it. I'm a nerd. About so many things I'm nerdy. I'm a comic book nerd. A history nerd. A trivia nerd. I'm can talk for hours about my favorite bands, about my love of Eric Blair (aka George Orwell... I mean.. how nerdy is that?!?) and Dostoyevsky. Of course I'm a photography nerd. I'll sit and listen to 8 hours of photography podcasts while I'm working at my desk. I will look through magazines and stick my head down near the page to peer into the eyes of someone pictured to analyze the catchlight so that I can reverse-engineer how the photo was lit. The point is, I have lots of passions, and so do you.

You're a nerd too. You're just as nerdy as I am. Maybe not about photography or books, but I can find it. Maybe you're the kind of nerd who likes to try and figure out what's in the secret sauce at that restaurant you like to go to. Or maybe you're always on the hunt for the absolute perfect martini. Perhaps you can still remember the names of the members of that band that you liked as a kid that you still secretly like but are afraid to admit it. Maybe you know every player AND the staff of the local sports team.

I want to bring out your inner nerd. Revel in it. Celebrate it. It's who you are, you might as well enjoy it!

Oh, and I love tentacles, but not in that way

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